#Business Traveler Tips, #Safe Travel

Coronavirus Travel Resources 

#Business Traveler Tips, #Safe Travel

Coronavirus Travel Resources 


Dec 2020

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the globe travelers are now seeking answers to some of the most pressing questions regarding travel safety, travel rights, and security of future travel plans. At #Fly, we believe the best way to protect our health and wellbeing (and to remain sane during this turbulent time) is to be well educated on all things COVID-19. As such, we’ve collated some of the best COVID-19 resources available to the public to help you evaluate your current situation and to ensure all your travel decisions are well-informed.



1. U.S. Department of State


The U.S. Department of State’s website provides advice for U.S citizens considering traveling abroad via a handy map which highlights overseas countries that you should ‘avoid visiting’, and those which require you to ‘exercise increased caution’. You’ll also find advice for U.S citizens returning from Europe, China, and those traveling home on cruise ship vacations. 


2. Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDCP)


The CDCP provides guidance for travelers returning from high-risk countries, for domestic travel across the United States, and for older travelers, or people with previous existing medical conditions, that are considering global travel at present. Travelers should also make use of the CDCP’s FAQ’s which cover a range of questions including ‘Should I cancel my international trip?’, ‘What is the risk of getting COVID-19 on an airplane?’, and ‘What can I expect when arriving in the United States?’. 


3. #Fly 


The #Fly Coronavirus Travel Map is a handy resource to help travelers make informed decisions should they have to make domestic or international travel by plane. The map identifies flight routes that are at risk of COVID-19 and finds alternative routes that are considered to be safer to travel. The map also provides data on suspected, quarantined, confirmed, deceased, and recovered cases of COVID-19 at each destination.


4. World Health Organization (WHO)


The World Health Organization provides ongoing updates on COVID-19 and general advice on how best to protect yourself. Travelers should make use of the website’s Q&A video on How to protect yourself when traveling during the Coronavirus outbreakand WHO’s rolling updates. The WHO’s situation dashboard is also a handy way to keep track of global outbreaks and provides hard, reliable, data.


5. Airline Cancellation Policies


If you’re concerned about pre-existing flights and future travel, you’ll likely want to know your rights regarding airline cancelations. To help your research, Forbes has compiled a master list of all major international airlines and their cancellation policies here. Simply search (‘Control + F’ for Windows users and ‘Command + F’ for Mac users) for your airline and you’ll find a brief but informative summary of their cancelation policy. Similarly, Forbes has also developed a comprehensive list of events that have been affected by COVID-19 and provides a brief update on each including ban duration and rescheduled event dates. 



Whether you’re unsure how the government’s current travel bans will affect you, you’re concerned about flight cancellations and refunds, or you’re making your way home from an international destination and are unsure of the arrival procedure, the above resources all provide important information regarding travel in the current climate and should provide some reassurance during COVID-19. 


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